Welcome to Kindergarten


Mission Statement:  As kindergartners, we will come to school every day: listen, be nice, and participate.  We will learn how to say and write our numbers and letters to become good readers, writers, and thinkers.    

Questions for Kindergartners

Big Question:

What kind of things can you find

        growing in nature?

Weekly Question: What do living things need to grow?




Begin addition by composing (putting

        together) and decomposing (taking

        apart) numbers  8-10


 Number Song:

Here are the words again for our catchy number song in case your child is singing it:

1-come right down, that is all

2-curve around, slide to the right

3-curve in and around again

4-down, over, down some more

5-down around, put on a hat

6-curve around and curl it up

7-slide to the right and slant it down

8-make an S and close the gate

9-make a circle, then a line

10-come right down and make a zero





Red word: my

        Sounds: q-queen


 Listening Skills:  Key Details



 While we continue to learn the letter sounds, please be sure to practice with your child at home.  The more practice the children are exposed to the easier the letters and sounds will be.  Again, here is how we practice the letters and sounds using our bodies:  

1) We touch our head and say the letter name.

2) We tug on our ear and say the letter sound.

3) We tap our leg and say the picture clue.  


Vocabulary Words


 Plant    harmful     crowd    Require    Soak

Vocabulary Words Reminder:

The words above are taken from our weekly language arts program.  I realize it is a lot for 5-year-olds to learn five new vocabulary  words a week.  However if you could concentrate on two (I will put those in uppercase) by using them around the 

house when possible, that would be really helpful.  Thanks!




Letters: Qq Zz

        ESW: What would you grow in your

                   make believe garden?

         Example:  I would grow pancakes.

                         I would grow French fries.


We will be finishing up our first round of letter recognition, writing, and sounds this week.  Many of the children are doing a wonderful job learning and writing.  We will continue to practice and review these skills as we continue our learning by beginning reading.  You will begin to see word books and sentence books coming home in the next three weeks.  Please practice these with your child as they are beginning a new and exciting experience with learning.  From word and sentence books we will begin reading a weekly story each week at school.  The children will be bringing home words (red and green) from the story to practice each week to develop their reading skills. 





Second Quarter ESW:

Our second quarter ESW (writing program) goal is for the children to write their own sentence.  Here are the rubric goals we have:


              *Write one sentence. (answer question,

                 sentence makes sense, letters are

                 fairly accurate)

              *Put spaces between words.

*Put a period at the end of the


*Put an uppercase letter at the

  beginning of the sentence.

*Draw a picture telling about writing.


If the children choose a sentence with “difficult words” we practice writing them but they do not lose points for spelling them wrong.  For example one child’s sentence this week is: I hear a teacher talking.  She is practicing writing “teacher” and “talking” but won’t lose points for spelling them wrong.




A couple things about the homework this week.  First, rhyming is a big part of kindergarten and difficult for the children.  Any additional practice you can give at home would be great.  The “change the beginning sound” on Thursday is to help with that. For the math...here are some terms we use in class that your child may be using.  The first row (1-10) we call the “easy-peasy” row.  Then the next row moves down the easy-peasy numbers and puts a 1 in front-the teens row.  Then the easy-peasy numbers and a 2 in front-twenties row and so on.  Hopefully that will help. :)



How can parents help?

How Can You Help?

These are hints to prompt your child to engage in discussion and activities at home.

1) “Let’s practice your letter sounds for this week.”

2) “Let’s practice writing your letters for this week.”  (Qq Zz)

3) “Let’s work on your homework for today.”

4) “What does the plot of a story mean?” (The beginning, juicy part in the middle, and the end.)

5) “Let’s count to 50 together.”

6) “Let’s count to 100 by 10’s together.”


Miss Galluccio


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your students whom are in my class.  

Email:  cgallucc@gmcs.k12.nm.us

Thank you,  

Miss G

Miss Morris

Miss Murray

Miss Sturrus


Note from Miss Sturrus:

Busing/School Starting:

Thank you for all your patience with our bus schedule changing.  I know it is difficult to change your routine once it has been established.  Just a reminder from Mrs. Montano, our principal, please do not drop off your child(ren) before 7:30.  Our staff is not on duty yet and we do not want the children to be unsupervised.  If you have a conflict with the new drop off time, please let me know.  Thanks for your cooperation and support during these changes.

Christmas Party:

On December 22 we will have a small Christmas celebration.  Your child is invited to bring a gift for a classroom gift exchange.  This is not required, please don’t feel your child must bring a gift, it is up to you.  If you would like him/her to participate, boys should bring a gift for a boy and girls should bring a gift for a girl.  Please do not put a specific name on the present. All gifts should be wrapped and labeled “for a boy” or “for a girl” from “your child.”  Please spend between $5.00-$8.00 for the gift. (Please no food or candy for gifts.)  


Please talk to your child about giving the gift to someone else.  Many children will think they are bringing the same gift home again.  This can be difficult for them to understand and any help you can give in advance is greatly appreciated.  If you would like to donate a small treat for our celebration-that would be appreciated.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!

If you have or use the styrofoam egg cartons, I could use a few of those for a future project.  Again the styrofoam dozen size egg cartons are the best.  Thanks!

 If you need to get in touch with me during the day about your child,  let me explain our phone system.  The school district’s policy is to put all teacher’s phones on “do not disturb” during the school day.  The office can contact the classrooms but we do not receive any outside or even calls from other classrooms.  This is to ensure our time with your child is not interrupted. So… if you have an emergency or need to talk with me immediately, please contact the office (721-4400) and they will let me know.  For example, your child was sick in the morning and you want to know how he/she is doing.  If you  leave me a message on my phone or e-mail me and I will get back with you as soon as I can.   This will probably be after school.   If you have a bus or pick-up change, let the office know and they will give me the message. I promise I will not ignore your calls but the phone does not ring in the classroom, unless it is the office, and I really do not have the opportunity to check messages throughout the day.  Thanks for your understanding.   Let me know if you have any questions.


I had a few questions during conferences about homework so I wanted to try to make things clearer.  First, homework in kindergarten is to reinforce, review, practice what we learned in class that day.  This is why we stamp the homework with a day to cover it.  That being said, I realize life is busy and it is not always possible to do homework each evening.  Please have your child complete the “designated” day as close to that day as possible to reinforce his/her learning.  The children are not penalized if they do not return the homework the next day.  If they finish a day, you can tear it off the packet and send it in.  (PLEASE do not send in papers not finished.)  If it is easier for your child and family to finish the whole packet and turn it in together, that is not a problem.  Whatever works best for you.  I do suggest though that the homework be completed by the following Monday for sure to be most beneficial for your child.  Thanks.  Let me know if you have questions.

 Data Folders: 

I worked with each of the children last week and completed the September testing for data folders.  As we talked about at conferences the children are learning! Here are your child’s results:

              Recognize numbers 0-10: ____/11

             Recognize numbers 11-20: ___/10

             Recognize lowercase letters: ____/26

Recognize uppercase letters: ____/26

Provide letter sounds: ____/26


I want to explain how our grades work so when your child tells you they received a happy dance, you can cheer with them.  I feel the grading structure is hard for the kids to understand so here is my version, I say:

A = happy dance - a happy face with hair

P = good job - a happy face

NP = Need to work on it-sad face

NY = Need lots of work - sad face

Phone: 505 -721-4417

Have a great holiday!

Email: wsturrus@gmcs.k12.nm.us