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School Supplies

Students at all GMCS schools will receive the school supplies and class material they will need.  This is the second school year our district leadership has made this possible to help parents with the expense of these items and that we want to help in moving your student forward.  School supplies will be issued to students in classes once the school year begins.


Thoreau Elementary will cultivate a positive environment to educate the whole child by providing them with tools and strategies to help them become life-long learners


Helping students



Kindness and  



Empower all students to become productive and responsible citizens in a multicultural society

*Early release for the 2019-2020 school year will be on Fridays.


 *Thoreau Elementary School front doors will now be locked.   Staff will be monitoring front doors at all times.

#46  Smith Lake, Mariano Lake, Wolf Canyon, San Antone, Old Gravel Road, Buckhorn Station. 

#49  Casamero Lake, Thoreau Chapter, County Road 51.

#63  Prewitt, Haystack, Power Plant, South Chavez Loop, Rose Street, 1st Avenue, Frontier Street, Red Rock Avenue (by BJs), Alonzo Trailer Park (by Post Office), Windsong Ave.

#1601  Bluewater, Continental Divide, County Road 27, Coolidge, St. Bonaventure Trailer Park, Bar J Ranch.